About Met-Fin Co., Inc.

For over 60 years – more than half a century! – Met-Fin has been serving companies like yours with high quality metal finishing.  Three generations of family have led the company to excel in customer service, high quality metal finishing services, and customer commitment and satisfaction.

Finished Parts

From the moment you contact us for information, your project is given top priority.

We offer local pick up and delivery service and national UPS service to ensure proper, expeditious handling of your products.

Our family and employees will be pleased to confer with you on the scope and parameters of your project, plan the process, perform the metal finishing to the highest quality standards, and deliver or ship your products back to you as soon as possible.

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    …   You’ll have your quote within hours, not days!

    …   You’ll get your parts in days, not weeks!

            (24-48 hours, if urgently needed!)

At Met-Fin, we’re good for your bottom line and your peace of mind! 

Our friendly, technical service, our high quality, and dependability are reasons why customers have turned to Met-Fin for over 60 years!