Why Choose Met-Fin

Here are the top ten reasons why Met-Fin is better.

  • Rapid turnaround, often in 24-48 hours when urgently needed

From providing quotes to finished parts, we excel at prompt service

  • Three generations of our family have run the company

We offer over 60 year’s experience as a company, plus several hundred person-years of metal finishing experience

  • Quality craftsmanship – proven processes

We know what customers need … as a result of over five decades of responsive experience

  • Reliable service and production

We produce what we promise, and promise what we produce!

  • Superior quality

Quality assured by high level QC, including a full-serve lab and salt spray cabinet for accelerated testing


  • Wide range of available finishes, colors, and processes
  • We meet or exceed industry and company-specific standards and are RoHS compliant

Whether you need to meet MIL-SPEC, ASTM, or specific prime contractor specs, we work with you to ensure compliance and documentation

  • Our processes conform to all environmental standards & requirements

You can depend that our operations will be on-line and in compliance.

facility spray-tester
  • Knowledgeable, friendly, personalized technical support

Our teams work seamlessly with your teams.

  • Pick up and delivery service available